Referring Dentist

Information for Referring Dentists

Thank you for entrusting your patients to our care!

We offer many services for your patients including:

  • Nonsurgical endodontic treatment
  • Surgical endodontic treatment
  • Vital pulp therapy (MTA pulp capping)
  • Internal bleaching
  • Post space and post and/or core build up (upon request)

With our onsite Periodontist, Dr. Stephen Kallaos, we offer combined enodontic and periodontal treatment such as:

  • Conservative treatment of combined endo/ perio pathology
  • Joint endo/perio surgery
  • Root amputation
  • Endodontic treatment with build up and crown lengthening

Standard procedures:

  • We strive to uphold the best level of communication about your patients’ care that we are able.
  • We will contact your office if our diagnosis differs from the requested treatment.
  • Restorations will be removed if any secondary caries is found.
  • We will make certain any signs of infection have resolved before sending the patient back to you for restoration.
  • We will cover the canal orifices with flowable composite if there is any possibility of contamination upon placement of build up or temporary restoration is questionable.
  • We usually send the patient back to your office for permanent restoration of the access unless:
    • You request that we restore it
    • The patient does not have a good history of follow through
    • The patient is unable to return to your office in a reasonable amount of time